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Latest Ableton Remake

Get ready to blast off into a sonic journey with this electrifying Ableton remake of The Prodigy's iconic track 'Out of Space' from in 1992.

The familiar rave-inducing beats and and mind-bending synths are recreated from different synth samples, transporting you straight into a pulsating dance floor Experience. Lose yourself in the high-octane energy and let the music take you to another dimension. Press play & pay close attention!

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Are you curious about how some of the biggest electronic tracks were made? Or maybe you're searching for the perfect remix stems to take your production skills to the next level?

I offer a collection of carefully crafted Ableton remakes from top producers like Enigma, Deep Forest, &me, The Prodigy, LFO, and more. The projects are easy to use - simply load them up in Ableton Live and explore every detail.

Want to see the process in action? Check out my YouTube channel for video demonstrations of each project and listen to the final rendered tracks.

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